The 2015 Higher League for the 68th Russian Men’s Championship and 65th Russian Women’s Championship is scheduled to take place from 21st June to 2nd July at the Hotel Baltica in Kaliningrad.

Both sections will be completed over 9 rounds of Swiss system. Draw offers are not allowed before black’s 40th move.

The total prize fund is 5 million RUB (approx 102.000 USD).

Top five finishers in each section will qualify for the 2015 Russian Superfinal Championships.

Eligible for participation are (in each section):
– Players who finished 4-7th in 2014 Russian Superfinal Championships
– Players rated over 2600 FIDE (over 2350 for women)
– Players who finished 1-3rd in the championships of federal regions and cities
– Russian U21 and U19 champions
– World/European U20 and U18 champions
– Russian Student champions
– One wildcard for the organizers

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