Rules Commission Councillors’ Meeting
19-22 July 2016 – Warsaw, Poland
Polish Chess Federation Office

Present: Ashot Vardapetyan, Chairman (ARM), Tomasz Delega, Secretary (POL), Franca Dapiran (ITA), Mehrdad Pahlevanzadeh (IRI), Stewart Reuben (ENG)


1. Chairman’s remarks and welcome

The Chairman Ashot Vardapetyan welcomed the Councillors to Poland. The Secretary Tomasz Delega, President of Polish Chess Federation welcomed the Councillors in Polish Chess Federation office, where the meeting was held.

2. RIP and respect to Sevan A. Muradian

The Chairman called for a one minute silence in respect of Sevan A. Muradian. He reminded the Secretary of FIDE Rules Commission passed away on 18 February, 2016.

3. Presentation of the new Secretary

The Chairman presented new Secretary of FIDE Rules Commission Tomasz Delega. Tomasz Delega has been a member of FIDE RC from 2014. He is an experienced International Arbier, and also Secretary of European Chess Union Arbiters’ Council.

4. Organizational and financial matters

The Chairman reminded all requests for financial reimbursements must come via the Chairman. FIDE will not approve expenses without the Chairman’s approval.

5. Final review of proposals for amendments to the Laws of Chess

In the last period 140 proposals for amendments to the Laws of Chess have been received. There was also a request to not change the Laws of Chess or, at least, to change only important things.

RC Meeting in Warsaw2
Councillors discussed step by step each proposals and finally voted separately for each one. The draft of new FIDE Laws of Chess should be send to FIDE one month before FIDE Congress in Baku, including proposals discussed in the 2015 Councillors’ Meeting in Yerevan and agreed during the Commission Meeting in Abu Dhabi, 2015.

6. Content on the RC website

The RC website should be updated more frequently. The Chairman and Secretary are the only ones able to publish material directly to the RC website. Councillors are requested to send material to be published to the Chairman and Secretary. Questions to the RC should be send by non FIDE officials through federations. RC will prepare special question form similar to that for amendments to the Laws of Chess.

7. Arbiters bulletin, cooperation with ARB

There was a discussion about cooperation with ARB, especially regarding arbiters’ bulletins. The RC wonders whether there should be refresher seminars for arbiters, with the new FIDE Laws of Chess being the main subject. This topic will be discussed further in Baku.

8. Use of the Laws of Chess in the federations, translations of Law of Chess

Links to translations will be published on the RC website. But the English version of FIDE Laws of Chess is the official one.

9. Anti-Cheating matters

There were discussions about cooperation with ACC and ETH, especially regarding AC Guidelines. To be continued in Baku.

10. Questions received

There was a few question received, but no questions regarding FIDE Laws of Chess. The questions were sent to apropriate FIDE Commissions.

11. Others

In the next four years RC should be also responsible for FIDE On-line Rules.

Guidelines for organisers should be prepared. What must be decided in advance in the Tournament Regulations.

Removing mechanical clocks from the FIDE Laws of Chess is expected in 2021. This matter will be discussed with the TEC and other commissions. To be continued in Baku.

Ashot Vardapetyan, Chairman RC
Tomasz Delega, Secretary RC

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