Romanian Team Chess Championship
Strong chess in CN de Sah pe Echipe Superliga Masculin

The Romanian Team Chess Championship 2010 for men and women – CN de Sah pe Echipe Superliga Masculin – is taking place 4th-12th September in Baile Herculane. A total of 80 players participate in the most important Romanian team event of the year.

Top rated participants among the men are GM Ruslan Ponomariov, GM Liviu Dieter Nisipeanu, GM Andrei Volokitin, GM Viorel Iordachescu, GM Vasil Spasov, GM Constantin Lupulescu, GM Vasilios Kotronias, GM Hristos Banikas, GM Richard Rapport, etc for a total of 30 GMs and 60 titled players.

The top seeded team of CS Studentesc Medicina Timisoara, with Ponomariov on board 1, are leading the current standings with 7 match points. They had a difficult start drawing with CS AEM Luxten Timisoara in round 1. They quickly recovered from the unexpected draw by defeating 6:0 the team of CS Diana Galati and winning against CS Otopeni 5,5:0,5 in round 3. With a 4th round difficult victory against CS Politehnica Iasi, the team of CS Studentesc Medicina Timisoara stay close to the leader.

Second seeded ACS de sah Apa Nova Bucuresti with Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu are sharing the lead after round 4 with 7 match points. They started with a convincing 4,5:1,5 against CS Victoria Techirghiol. They scored the same victory against CSM Lugoj in round 2 and a 4:2 win against CS Muncitorul Resita in round 3. A 3:3 draw against CS AEM Luxten Timisoara puts them at second shared, two game points behind the leaders.

This event is the last check for the top teams before the 2010 edition of the Champions League in chess – the European Club CUp 2010.

1 CS Studentesc Medicina Timisoara 7 MP / 18 GP
2 ACS de sah Apa Nova Bucuresti 7 MP / 16 GP
3 CS Politehnica Iasi 6 MP / 16.5 GP
4 CS Conpet Ploiesti 6 MP / 18.5 GP
5 CS Victoria Techirghiol 5 MP / 15.5 GP
6 CS AEM Luxten Timisoara 5 MP / 13.5 GP
7 CSM Lugoj 4 MP / 13.5 GP
8 CS Muncitorul Resita 0 MP / 6.5 GP
9 CS Diana Galati 0 MP / 1 GP
10 CS Otopeni 0 MP / 1 GP

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