Game score according to TWIC

This was the playoff game between Grischuk and Svidler. Black has the draw odd. White was winning and had a better game the entire time. Grischuk blundered on move 57. If he had played 57. Kd6, the title would have been his. Everything else would have been a dead draw. All Svidler had to do is draw this simple endgame and he would have won the World Blitz Championship. Svidler returned the favor.

White just played 59. Rf1+

59…Ke2??? [59…Kg2 60.Rxf5 Kxh2 61.Ke3 g3 62.Kf3 g2 63.Rg5 h3 64.Kf2 g1Q+ 65.Rxg1=] 60.Rxf5 g3 61.h3!! [61.hxg3 hxg3 62.Rg5 Kf2 63.Ke4 g2=] 61…g2 62.Rg5 Kf2 63.Ke4! 1-0

The World Championship title was within Svidler’s grasp. For some reason, he chose the losing line and the title went to Grischuk. Posted by Picasa

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