Invitation to the Federations

Not later than five months before the start of the Olympiad, the organizing federation shall send the invitation in its final form to all federations affiliated to FIDE. Copies of the invitation are to be forwarded to the members of the Executive Board and the Zone Presidents.

Notice of participation

Not later than four months before the start of the tournament, every federation that intends to participate must inform the organizing federation of its acceptance of the invitation. Copies of the letter of acceptance should at the same time be sent to the FIDE General Secretary and the President of the federations Zone. The Administrator is not allowed to let federations, which did not fulfil this demand, participate in the Olympiad (PB `98)

At the same time, the federation concerned must pay FIDE the requisite entry fee, failing which the federation shall not be allowed to participate in the Olympiad (PB `98)

Submission of team lists

Not later than two (PB ’98) months before the start of the tournament, every Federation that has entered must notify the following details to the Administrator:

(a) name and initials of the Chief of Delegation;
(b) name and initials of the team captain;
(c) name of each team member (one first name in full, initials of additional first names, surname);
(d) FIDE rating of team members (according to the most recent FIDE rating list);
(e) any information required in connection with visas.

Late notification of team particulars shall be accepted up to 20 hours before the start of Round 1 (PB ’98), but subject to a late submission fee of 100 euros per name.

The ranking of teams shall be finalized 16 hours before the start of the first round.

Parties to the Chess Olympiad


The FIDE President represents the interests of FIDE and is empowered to take the final decision on all questions relating to the Olympiad as a whole.

Full info here: https://chess24.com/en/olympiad2014/official-info/rules-and-regulations

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