The USCF is one of the most important chess organizations in the United States. It is supposed to be a role model chess organization leading this country. The opposite happened instead. The level of divisiveness and dirty politics dramatically jumped starting in August 2003. Some chess politicians cared more about their own political careers and ego than the welfare of chess in the United States. The worst took place in the last election when an individual with conviction records was elected to the Executive Board. This is totally UNACCEPTABLE but politics went on as usual.

I want much better things for chess than that. I love chess too much and it pains me to see how the USCF is being destroyed because of people like this. And this is why I have worked hard to find the best candidates from various backgrounds to run in the next election. The USCF needs new blood. We need new energy, new passion and dedication.

Randy is another person I asked to run in the next Executive Board election. His financial and chess expertise would be very important for the USCF. In the middle of some of the nastiest political wars, Randy stayed above all of it and he did many good things for this federation. Thank you Randy for stepping forward to run in the next election to help the USCF and US Chess.

About Randy Bauer

Randy Bauer has been actively involved as a chess player, coach, director, writer, editor, and elected state and national representative for over 30 years. He is a life member of the USCF, a national master, former Iowa state champion and Minnesota junior, junior high and senior high champion. As a competitor, he has won over 30 Grand Prix tournaments.

As a volunteer, Randy has served on the Board of Directors of the Minnesota and Iowa State Chess Associations as well as a one-year term on the Executive Board of the United States Chess Federation. He has also served as President and Editor of the state newsletter for the Iowa State Chess Association. As a chess author, he has published hundreds of instructional articles and book reviews. He won the Chess Journalists of America award for the best chess instructional article in 2004.

Randy has over 20 years professional experience in budget and finance, including nearly 7 years as budget director for the State of Iowa. During that time, the State received multiple national awards for innovation and excellence in its budget processes and financial reporting.

While Randy was on its Executive Board, the USCF achieved a balanced budget – something it had not accomplished in eight previous years. Randy is committed to honest finances and improved services for USCF members and will provide seasoned, sensible leadership on the Executive Board.
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