Topalov vs Kamsky

The official site of the Topalov vs Kamsky match,, has quotes from the press conference, which took place after game 7:

Veselin Topalov: ‘This game was very complex, with mutual mistakes. I was trying to minimize mine. Made at least two but Gata made more and got into time trouble.’

Asked to comment on the whole match Veselin Topalov said: ‘A very tough match with many hard games. Gata played well but in game 2 got into heavy time trouble. As a whole, the match was very tough.’

Gata Kamsky: ‘This game was interesting and extremely complex. In the heat of the battle I played Rb8 which was a mistake. Veselin played better as he committed less errors.’

Asked by a Bulgarian radio reporter if he ‘is satisfied with the organization of the match in Sofia’, GM Kamsky answered with his fabulous oriental smile: ‘I am satisfied with the organization of this match, which was relatively interesting, but I am not an organizer but a player.’

Bulgarian reporter from a private TV cable network asked the American GM ‘is your chess better now, after having an almost 10 year break?’.

Kamsky once again used his oriental smile: ‘No, I don’t think so…’


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