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Queen’s gambit
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Chess Grand Master Susan Polgar is living proof of her dad’s theory that geniuses are made, not born

If you thought the sporting world just revolves around cricket and soccer, Woman Chess Grandmaster Susan Polgar has news for you.

“Actually, chess is the most popular game in the world — not only do people play it professionally, it’s a very popular past time as well. If the general perception does not point to this, it’s because chess is not given that competitive recognition,” says Polgar when After Hours caught up with her during one of her rare visits to India.

“This is my second visit to the country. The first time I came was in 1999 and I must say, the pace of development is phenomenal,” she notes.

Susan is today also acknowledged for changing the sexist perception towards the game.

“Before I came in, chess was seen to be a male-dominated game. However, my sister (GM Judit Polgar) and me, along with many other women who subsequently got involved with the game, turned that theory around. Today there are more women in the game than ever before,” she says.

is the full story and here is the video.

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