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Possible scandal at the Women’s World Championship?

This is my summary as I understand it:

In the Armageddon game between IM Socko and WGM Foisor, White (Socko) has 6 minutes to Black (Foisor) 5 minutes. However, Black has draw odd.

Black ran out of time but the position on the board was K and N versus K and N which obviously is a clear draw. The arbiter ruled that it was a draw. This means that Foisor moves on to the 2nd round. However, the other side made an official protest. It is now in the hands of the Appeals Committee.

I am not sure why the decision is slow to come.

17:20 CET

Drama in Socko-Foisor! Black ran out of time, but there were only a King and Knight for each player left on the board, and the arbiters have declared a draw. Polish players are now engaged in lively discussion in front of the playing hall. Foisor progressed to the next round.

17:35 CET

Sabina Foisor explained to the interpreters that she claimed a draw before her flag fell, but the arbiters have postponed the decision. They still have the right to declare the result after one of the players forfeits on time.

18:05 CET

Monica Socko filed a complaint and Appeals Committee is now meeting to reach the final decision. The Committee’s Chairman will later elaborate the outcome at the press conference.

18:40 CET

It seems like the Appeals Committee has reached the verdict. The press conference should start shortly. Earlier, the arbiters have asked the press officers for a FIDE Handbook printout.

18:45 CET

We will have to wait a bit longer, the Appeals Committee just moved to another room!

19:20 CET

Some new details about Socko-Foisor game became known – in the whole time scramble, as pieces flew around, nobody managed to write down all the moves. The arbiters are only recalling an approximate picture (all pieces in the center), as the board was cleared before the position was written down.

20:15 CET

The Appeals Committee (reversed the ruling of the arbiter) accepted Monica Socko’s complaint and granted her a win! She goes into the next round. There won’t be any press conferences on this issue.

Monika wins on time with King and Knight versus King and Knight!

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