Promote your clubs and events on, FREE! is starting a new column that will help you publicize your clubs, big or small. There is no cost to you. In fact, you can get a $5 gift certificate, redeemable at’s book and equipment online catalog—the largest selection of chess books, sets, and clocks in North America—just for sending information on your recent results.

The idea is similar to the old “Chess Life Here & There” columns, but ChessCafe’s website allows us to give more complete reports on your tournaments and activities, and to display digital photos of your club members—event winners and class winners, along with club-regulars, directors and, volunteers. The more people you mention by name and the more photos you send in, the better. Your club members will appreciate the recognition. And your club will get free publicity, including plugs for upcoming events. All this and a 5-dollar gift certificate!

To help the column promote chess, GM Lev Alburt has even agreed to annotate the game of the month. So send in those best games! is one of the most popular, most widely read chess sites on the web, providing monthly columns from some of the top chess writers and teachers in the world: Mark Dvoretsky, Susan Polgar, Hans Ree, Bruce Pandolfini, Karsten Müller, Tim Harding, Yasser Seirawan, Carsten Hansen, Gary Lane, and others. There are monthly columns on openings, columns for beginners, columns on scholastics—there’s even a Spanish-language column by Juan Santa. All free, 24 hours a day.

ChessCafe has agreed to let me provide a continuously updated column, so there are no advance-publishing dates to worry about. And since I will be editing them when necessary, don’t worry about the niceties. Just email me results and photos, right away. I will send your results and send them to ChessCafe for posting. ChessCafe will email you your $5 gift certificate.

I think it’s terrific that is supporting chess in this way. I’m excited about helping with this project—but am completely dependent on your input. I know you’ll agree that these reports and photos will help promote your events and give your club members worldwide recognition. You have nothing to lose. In fact, you have that gift certificate to gain!

Please email me material at Let’s start recognizing your tournament participants and club members right away!

Below is a direct link ChessCafe. Feel free to add it to your club or personal website.

Al Lawrence
2000 Chess Journalist of the Year

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