Susan – I would like to suggest Dan Gertmenian as a very special chess person!

Dan has been devoting much of his time to sharing his love for chess with young people in the San Francisco Bay Area.

He is the founder and owner of Chess Prep in Sunnyvale CA.

Before deciding to devote his time in this way, Dan had a “cushy job” working for some Silicon Valley companies. But that was not satisfying enough for him, so he chose instead to make a courageous change in his life.

Now he inspires young chess players with his knowledge and passion for the game! Dan is also active with the Math Olympics program in our area.

Such a dedication to youth is rare and to be greatly treasured! I applaud him for his efforts and for his inspiration!

Dr. Rene Ochoa

Thank you Dan for everything you do for chess!

To nominate a “Special Chess Person” of the week, please send me a picture of that person and a little write up about him or her to Thank you!

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