Many people complained that there is a lack of sponsorship in chess. Therefore, when we have good sponsors or supporters, we must do everything we can to conduct business in the most professional way and show them the highest level of respect.

Things are getting as bad as can be with the #1 sponsor of chess for the USCF. As I mentioned before, the AF4C spent more than a million dollars to help save the USCF and the US Championship. Instead of getting our sincere appreciation, board member(s) continue(s) to attack the AF4C.

The AF4C spent over $500,000 last year to organize the 2006 US Championship with more than $250,000 in prize funds. No other sponsor came even close to this amount. And yet some chess politicians have no problem destroying the livelihoods of professional players to promote their personal agenda.

The same board member(s) want(s) to get rid of the AF4C to put the US Championship for open bidding. This suggestion was made when the USCF has shown minimal (if any) ability to attract serious sponsors in recent years. The USCF also has no competent Marketing and PR department (if at all) and the USCF has no one who can do this on a professional level.

The USCF has many national events with overdue bids because of lack of interests. How can the USCF even come close to attracting another sponsor for more than $100,000 in such a short time with this current board make up? Impossible!

This kind of unprofessionalism must end or we will risk losing our biggest sponsor! Some of these people have no business serving on the board. They lack integrity, honesty, professionalism, business experience, track of success and even common sense.

The same goes with the professional players. If they do not behave professionally, how can they expect to have sponsors?

We can always disagree and we are all entitled to our own opinions. But demeaning and attacking good people and sponsors and harming the USCF is not an option. The world of chess is watching us! I hope the USCF members will send a strong message to these destructive chess politicians in the next election!
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