Pozarevac Open Championship
Dec 4, 2014

The Branicevo Chess Union is organizing the 2014 Pozarevac Open Championship from 26-28th December at Hotel Dunav in Pozarevac.

The Festival will consist of four events:
– Open A for players rated over 2200, 5-round Swiss, FIDE rated
– Open B for U2200 players, 5-round Swiss, FIDE rated
– Open C for U1600 players, 9-round Swiss
– Blitz rating tournament

Currently registered Grandmasters are Antic Dejan, Abramovic Bosko, Todorovic Goran M, Martinovic Slobodan,Stojanovic Andjelija and Chelushkina Irina.

The total prize fund is 1500 EUR. More information at sah.branicevo@gmail.com

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