Kasparov Corruption
01:20 09.09.2015 (updated 01:36 09.09.2015)

The Assistant to FIDE President said that the US authorities have grounds to start prosecution of former World Champion Garry Kasparov.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — The US authorities have grounds to start prosecution of prominent Russian chess player, former World Champion Garry Kasparov over alleged corruption, the Assistant to the World Chess Federation (FIDE) President said.

Last year, a leak revealed that Singaporean Ignatius Leong, who was the general secretary of the FIDE under its long-standing president Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, running for re-election, was paid to join Kasparov’s presidential campaign.

Kasparov reportedly negotiated a deal with Leong, in which the latter would help Kasparov’s presidential campaign in exchange for $500,000. Kasparov also agreed after his election to open a new federation office in Singapore, to be run by Leong, for which he would be paid an undisclosed amount.

Following the leak, Kasparov disclosed the confidential agreement, but it did not contain the promise to pay should Leong help Kasparov become president of FIDE. However, Kasparov was long surrounded by rumors and controversies, and Ilyumzhinov was re-elected as FIDE President, by a wide margin with 110 votes against Kasparov’s 61.

Kasparov, 52, is now a human rights activist residing in the United States. Earlier, he has been a member of numerous opposition groups and coalitions in Russia, where he was briefly arrested several times.

“Independent experts have outlined accounts of corruption on the part of Kasparov. Singaporean Chess Federation reserves the right to to submit their cases to the competent judicial authorities, and concerning corruption, the country’s law is very tough. In theory, the United States can initiate criminal investigations as the matter was first made public via The New York Times,” Berik Balgabaev told RIA Novosti on Tuesday.

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Las autoridades estadounidenses pueden llevar a tribunales al 13º campeón mundial de ajedrez, Garry Kaspárov, por corrupción, dijo a R-Sport el jefe de la oficina rusa de la Federación Internacional de Ajedrez (FIDE), Berik Balgabaev.

“Expertos independientes descubrieron un caso de corrupción por parte de Kaspárov (…) Teóricamente, EEUU puede abrir una causa penal ya que la información fue publicada en The New York Times”, dijo por teléfono.

La Comisión de Ética de la FIDE reveló el caso de corrupción por parte de Kaspárov cuando este era candidato a la presidencia de la Federación, así como del ex secretario general del ente y exjefe de la Federación de Ajedrez de Singapur, Ignatius Leong.

Leong, según los investigadores, prometió a Kaspárov el apoyo interesado de varias federaciones asiáticas de ajedrez en las elecciones de la FIDE, que volvió a ganar Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, presidente de la FIDE desde 1995.

Kasparov Corruption in Spanish

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Kasparov provided the following statement to Chess.com:

“Back in Russia I got used to being falsely accused by puppet courts and this one has as little value and credibility as those. Being accused of corruption by Ilyumzhinov is like being accused of foreign aggression by Putin!

“My mission has always been to promote chess and to build the future of the game. I once hoped that could happen with FIDE, but it is clearer than ever this work will continue despite FIDE, which continues to take resources out of the sport and to drive away those who love it.”

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