Chess Players Whose Moves Most Matched Computers
Published: March 19, 2012
Source: New York Times

As part of his research into modeling how people play chess, Kenneth W. Regan has analyzed the performances of thousands of players over the last 200 years to see which ones most matched the moves computers would have made. The following have the highest correlations from over 2,500 performances in open tournaments. It does not mean that the players cheated, though the player who had the top performance — Sébastien Feller at the Paris Open — was accused of cheating at another event. Diwakar Prasad Singh also was suspected, but he was cleared after an inquiry.

* In hundredths of a pawn. How much each move by the player, on average, disagreed with that of the computer program. † Final standing after tiebreakers. Zvjaginsev tied for 11th, Moiseenko tied for 1st, Le Quang tied for 50th in the Aeroflot Open and 1st in the Moscow Open and Gharamian tied for 1st. § Partial results because some games were not available or not included for analysis.

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