Photos from 2013 PanAm InterCollegiate Chess Championship:

8 months ago, Webster University broke the record by scoring 9.5 points in 12 games (3-0 in matches) and winning the Final Four by a 2.5 point margin.

Now Webster University broke the record the PanAm InterCollegiate Championship by winning all 6 matches, scoring 21.5 points in 24 games, with 19 wins and 5 draws (0 loss).

Last year, our A and B team tied for 1st at the PanAm. That was the 1st time since 1998 that any team tied with UTD and/or UMBC for 1st. That streak ended this year when Webster finished clear first. It is the first time in Final Four history that UTD, a team with 8 GMs, is knocked out of the Final Four.

This is also the first time that one university swept all the individual honors as well as taking 3 of the 6 top team trophies (1st, 4th ad 6th):

– Liem and Fidel tied for 1st for best board 1 results (5-1) with Zherebukh and others.
– Anatoly won the best board 2 results (5.5 – 0.5)
– Wesley won the best board 3 results (6-0)
– Ray won the best board 4 results (6-0)

Wesley also won the best individual rating performance of the PanAm with 2892, followed by Ray who finished 2nd.

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