Peru closer to becoming a world power in chess
November 30, 2011

On Wednesday under-16 world chess champion, Jorge Cori, said Peru’s level of chess had made significant strides in recent years, and was edging closer to world chess powers like Russia.

“There is something that has not been mentioned recently, and it is the fact that the Peruvian team ranked sixth [in the recent tournament held in Brazil],” Cori said.

“Russia is a world chess power and is currently ranked first but we are getting close to them,” he said to local radio RPP.

“We are making progress and winning more medals.”

Deysi Cori, Jorge’s sister, and under-18 world champion, agreed that Peruvian chess players who participated in the latest World Youth tournament had raised Peru’s international chess profile.

“Our teammates have been good at different tables, to the point of getting medals”, said Deysi, who also won the 29th World Junior Girls Chess Championships in Chennai, India, earlier this year.


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