The second game of the Women’s World Championship Match finished in a draw after 33 moves and 2,5 hours of play. Hou Yifan had white pieces and decided to play somewhat new compared to previous games against Anna Ushenina’s Sicilian. Soon Sveshnikov variation appeared on the board and the challenger didn’t manage to get any edge out of the opening. After many exchanges the game was converted into the drawish ending. After 2 games the score is 1, 5:0,5 in favor of Hou Yifan. On the 13th of September the players have a rest day.

“It was one of the critical moments. I believe somewhere here I lost a chance to fight for edge,“ said Hou Yifan. Anna Ushenina agreed she didn’t get any problem and in general draw with Black is a good result.

Another critical moment happened after 21…Bb6. Hou Yifan spent more than 30 minutes for 22.Nb6 and after most of the pieces left the board it was hard to fight for something more than draw. However, Anna Ushenina could have tried to avoid playing so directly but kept the pressure after 21…Rc8. She was considering this opportunity during the game but estimated this position as drawish.

Appeals Committee Chairman Jorge Vega, member of Appeals Committee David Jarett and his wife Valentina in the playing hall.

World Champion Anna Ushenina is in good spirits before the start of the game.

Chairs of Chinese team were occupied by supporters of Hou Yifan today.

Answering the question which match the players consider the most interesting in the chess history, Anna Ushenina named the encounters between Karpov and Kasparov. “I didn’t pay attention to psychological part but the games in those matches”, said World Champion. According to Hou Yifan, all the matches are interesting and tough but taking into account that her favorite player is Bobby Fisher she considers his matches the most exciting.

Chess Daily News from Susan Polgar
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