Peace Corps creates the personal ties that bring change
Monday, March 21, 2011, 6:07 AM
Stephanie Oegema
The Muskegon Chronicle

Currently, I am a Peace Corps Volunteer Leader serving in the Republic of Vanuatu as a community health volunteer. Vanuatu is a small island nation northeast of Australia with a population of just over 234,000….

…The uncle did not know the name of the game or most of the rules, so I explained how to play and played a few example games. After I thought they had a grasp on the game, I went back to my house, and it was not long after that when another cousin came to borrow my chess board so that two games could happen at the same time. Over the course of the next few nights, my board was borrowed, several games were played, and the more people who passed by on their way to other parts of the village, the more people who learned how to play. By the end of the week, almost every member of my extended host family (about 35 people, even small children) knew how to play, along with several other community members who had passed by as the games were being played.


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