XVIII Pamplona International

The 18th Pamplona International consists of a invitational Grandmaster tournament, and an open 9 round tournament. Both tournaments take place from 22nd December – 29th December 2008.

The invitational Grandmaster tournament is an eight-player round robin.

Players are:
GM Sasikiran, Krishnan (2694, IND),
GM Roiz, Michael (2677,ISR),
GM Malakhov, Vladimir (2675, RUS),
GM Vallejo, Pons Francisco (2664,ESP),
GM Caruana, Fabiano (2640,ITA),
GM Delchev, Aleksander (2632,BUL),
GM Nepomniachtchi, Ian (2616,RUS), and
GM Salgado Lopez, Ivan (2556,ESP).

Official website: http://www.chesspamplona.com/

Special thanks to Lou Caruana for the information.

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