Salome Melia and Jovanka Houska to give opening simuls in Gibraltar

The 2015 Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival starts its annual adventure when two of participants, International Masters Salome Melia and Jovanka Houska, offer two simultaneous displays for early arrivals.

The simuls will begin around 8pm on Sunday in the main restaurant. The games will provide an ideal warm-up for Amateur and Challenger participants, whose events begin the following morning.

Salome and Jovanka are very kind and will be not too hard on their opponents. But, there will be photos and a PGN of games to follow so smile and move your pieces carefully!

Live games with analysis

The Day’s Play Chess is a daily news TV show highlighting the Tradewise Gibraltar Open Chess Tournament 2015. Presented by Tania Sachdev. Special Guest Stuart Conquest. Teaser from the YouTube channel:

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