Original article on Karpov vs. Kasparov available on William’s site with PGN

Karpov opens with his normal d4 and Kasparov responds with the sharp Grunfeld Defense. Karpov attempts to avoid excess complications in the opening by fianchettoing his kingside bishop, although black is able to quickly create counterplay with 7. …c5 and 8. …e6. An unusual knight maneuver (10. Nec3!?) by Karpov achieves solid control of the center. Kasparov plays actively with 13. …Bd4!? and Karpov is forced to create a mass of complications beginning with 14. a5!? Black had achieved a solid position with dynamic counterplay, however in time-trouble Kasparov dropped a pawn with 25. …Qf6? (better was 25. …Qa6). Kasparov had one more chance to salvage the game, however he blundered in severe time-trouble 32. …Bc1 33. …Nd3+ and 34. …Bc2 – allowing white to easily promote his past d-pawn.

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