I will push hard for many changes in the next 4 years to make the USCF a more professional, fiscally responsible, successful and respectable organization. I came into this election as an independent ticket and I will remain so. I will work with all qualified persons and the number one priority for me will always be the welfare of US Chess and the USCF.

One of the first changes is to make USCF news and information available to all USCF members much faster. This is YOUR organization. You deserve to know what is going on. Debates, votes, discussions and much more will be posted here shortly after every meeting and at the latest within 24 hours or when I have access to the Internet. While I do not have control of the USCF website, I have full control of my blog and you will be very well informed of many issues.

In the next 6 days, I will let you know as much as I can about various meetings and workshops that I will attend. In addition, I will let you know on Monday the results of the election of the USCF Presidency as well as other positions such as USCF VP, USCF VP of Finance and USCF Secretary. You will then be able to determine for yourself if people will put the best interest of the USCF first or it will be business and politics as usual.

All board members including me should be held accountable for each of our votes. We should all be held accountable for our actions and conducts. It is time for a new USCF.

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