I am not a politician and I do not like to get involve in politics. In fact, I try to stay as far away from politics as possible. However, this is a wonderful story you probably do not hear or see in the news.

Above is a picture of Mike McNaughton of Denham Springs, LA. He stepped on a land mine in Afghanistan Christmas 2002. President Bush came to visit the wounded in the hospital. He told Mike that when he could run a mile that they would go on a run together.

True to his word, he called Mike every month or so to see how he was doing. Well, last week they went on the run, 1 mile with the President. Not something you’ll see in the news, but seeing the President taking the time to say thank you to the wounded who risk their lives for to protect us is special.

Now I hope that the President and the First Lady will also help us promote “Chess and Education” for the benefits of young people in this country.
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Chess Daily News from Susan Polgar