New York City Mayor’s Cup (NY Athletic ClubJune 2006)

One of the bloggers asked when was the last time I played in a serious chess event? It has to be back in 2006 where I won the Women’s Cup in Dresden, Germany, without losing any game.

Another one, also back in June 2006, was the NY City Mayor’s Cup, which is the highest rated US double round robin event with Gata Kamsky, Alex Onischuk, Boris Gulko, Ildar Ibragimov, and Alex Stripunsky. The average USCF rating of my 5 opponents were 2687.2! With the exception of Stripunsky, the rest of them were members of the US Olympiad Team.

Two months later, I played in my final US Open Blitz Championship (August 2006) in Oak Brook, IL. I won that event by 2 points, my 3rd title in 4 years (I did not play in one year).

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