Norway Named Best Nation to Live In
By Evelyn Leopold, Reuters

UNITED NATIONS (Nov. 10) – Norway, Iceland, Australia, Ireland and Sweden rank as the best five countries to live in …

The United States was ranked in eighth place, after Canada and Japan, in the report that rates not only per-capita income but also educational levels, health care and life expectancy in measuring a nation’s well-being.

Country (long form): Kingdom of Norway
Capital: Oslo
Total Area: 125,182.04 sq mi = 324,220.00 sq km (slightly larger than New Mexico)
Population: 4,481,162 (July 2000 est.)
Estimated Population in 2050: 5,061,200
Languages: Norwegian (official)
Literacy: 100.0% total, N/A% male, N/A% female
Religions: Evangelical Lutheran 86% (state church), other Protestant and Roman Catholic 3%, other 1%, none and unknown 10% (1997)
Life Expectancy: 75.73 male, 81.77 female (2000 est.)
Government Type: constitutional monarchy
Currency: 1 Norwegian krone (NKr) = 100 oere
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