July 2, 2012 (posted July 3)

Frank Niro named as Northwest Chess interim editor

Northwest Chess Publisher Duane Polich announced today that Frank Niro has been named interim editor of Northwest Chess. He will serve in the role for a period of about six months and will be training Jeffrey Roland, currently the Idaho editor, to eventually step into the role of editor. While in training Jeff will serve as the assistant editor. Frank has served as editor of Chess Horizons magazine of Massachusetts and brings considerable experience and chess background to the job. Frank and Jeff will start with the August issue, which will be a special U.S. Open edition, where additional copies will be printed out and given to participants in the event, scheduled for August 4-12 in Vancouver, Washington.

Jeff will continue to be Idaho editor and Frank will also step into the role of Oregon editor until a replacement can be found.

According to Duane, “I am excited about these changes and hope/expect that they will allow us to reach our goal of getting a high quality magazine out on a timely basis, so it can be relied upon and respected.”

Fred Kleist, who returned as editor with the November 2011 issue of Northwest Chess, is thanked for his service as editor dating back to the May 1989 issue that he co-edited, and including 70 issues from November 2002 to August 2008 and October 2008. Fred now stands fourth on the all-time NWC editors list in term of number of issues edited.

Chess-related content for possible publication in Northwest Chess may be submitted to Frank Niro by e-mail to chesssafari@yahoo.com. It is recommended that publisher Duane Polich (duane@combonate.com) be included on the cc: list. Any content of an advertising nature, or any content where payment is requested for publication, must also be submitted to and approved by business manager Eric Holcomb (eric@holcomb.com or info@nwchess.com).

Northwest Chess is a non-profit organization which publishes Northwest Chess magazine representing the Washington Chess Federation (WCF), the Oregon Chess Federation (OCF) and the Idaho Chess Association (ICA).

Information: Northwest Chess: www.nwchess.com, e-mail info@nwchess.com

Eric Holcomb
NWC Business Manager

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