Norsk Sjakkfestival

The second Norsk Sjakkfestival (Norwegian Chess Festival) is taking place from 28th of April to 5th of May at Norway’s new “chess hotel” Quality Hotel & Resort Fagernes, with a central placement in Southern Norway, 2½ hours from Oslo airport.

The Festival includes the Norwegian Open Championship of 2012 and several other events for all friends of chess, irrespective of their level, from beginner to Grandmaster. It is a truly multinational event, there are a lot of Norwegian players participating in the festival, but at the same time you can find players from Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Great Britain and other countries.

After 5 rounds in the A group GM Ramil Hasangatin of Russia is leading with 4.5 points, seven players are following him with 4 out of 5.

Here is part 1 of the large photo report by WFM Maria Bolshakova (Emelianova) from , expect part 2 soon!

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