I am sad to announce that I have just been told that there will be no live broadcast of the 2013 College Chess Final Four, which will take place on April 6-7 in Rockville, MD. The reason given is the USCF and organizer do not have the budget for this.

With IMs and GMs from so many nations such as the Philippines, Germany, Mexico, Cuba, Israel, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Georgia, and the United States, etc., the strongest ever College Chess Final Four in this country cannot be seen live by fans from around the world.

Colleges are putting in millions of dollars each year to create college chess programs and giving out chess scholarships. It is very unfortunate that College Chess is being ignored because it is NOT a cash cow for the USCF and its chess politicians.

It costs no more than a few hundred dollars at most to broadcast these important games. My understanding is the decision is final. I will do my best to update the results in real time right here on this blog and on my twitter feed (@SusanPolgar).  

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