Olympic champion Tigran Petrosian does not like when compared with his great namesake
09:55, 13 September, 2012

YEREVAN, SEPTEMBER 13, ARMENPRESS: To get more information about the ascent, passed sports track and further plans, Armenpress interviewed the youngest member of the Armenian Chess Team Tigran Petrosian.

Where and how did Tigran Petrosian begin his way, taking to the Chess Olympus?

– I have been playing chess since 5 years. Then I began attending chess school and my first trainer was Gagik Sargsyan. At the age of 9-10 I began participating in the world and European youth championships. I achieved my first serious success when I was 13, when right in Istanbul I became Junior Olympic champion. Then I became the Armenia’s champion and the winner of international tournaments. At the age of 19 I won the title of Grand Master.

Tigran, aren’t you obliged by the name of Tigran Petrosian, your namesake, or does it give you any power?

– My father wanted me to become a chess player very much. That was the reason they called me Tigran. When I was a kid, the name Tigran Petrosian was very obliging to me. But now I think that I have achieved little (smiles modestly) but considerable successes. That is why I do not like when I am compared with the senior Petrosian. Each of us has his own place and role in the Armenian chess history. Though I think that it was senior Tigran Petrosian who launched the Armenian chess history.

– You are the youngest member of the chess team. Is the responsibility greater or are the young forgiven everything?

– Certainly, I am the youngest in the team, but the age difference is not so big in comparison with the others. For example, Gabriel is only one year older than me, Levon – two years. In chess these one or two years do not have any considerable importance. And if there happen to be some mistakes or unsuccessful games, nobody ever reproaches you.

– The secret of the victory of our chess team is considered to be the unity. What is it that unites you?

– The unity comes from our friendship. Besides the tournaments we are very close friends. Everything comes from there. You would not see such things in other teams. For example, they gather during the Olympiads and play together but you would not see that unity. We do not conceal anything in chess. We share our analyses, and if one of us does not play well, everybody try to help him and encourage. We live as a big family and sincerely take care of each other. And all this cannot but have a considerable influence on the result. If you slip up during the team games, you must be sure that your friend will always come to help.

– What do you think, do the all victories bring the same delight?

– No, as in other kinds of sports, in chess as well, the Olympic medals are the highest values. This Olympiad, which took place in Istanbul, was unique. First, we did not show good results during the last Olympiad and after achieving the title of the Armenia’s champion I just came back to the team. So, we reminded the entire world that the Armenian team is one of the strongest teams all over the world, if not the strongest.

– What medal misses from the Tigran Petrosian’s victory cart?

– The next step, I want to make, is to raise my individual rating. In January I will participate in Armenia’s championship. Then, I am going to win also the Europe’s championship. At this very moment I know only about these two tournaments, in which I will definitively take part.

– How are you going to celebrate your birthday?

– After we have come back, everyday seems to be a festival. I am afraid a bit that my birthday also will be assimilated in these days and become a common day. That is the reason I want to make something specific for that day. Maybe we will gather with my family and friends in or outside Yerevan and organize something interesting.

Interviewed by Varvara Hayrapetyan

Source: http://armenpress.am

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