Nigel Short with his daughter Kyveli

The Canadian Open 2007
Report after round six by Peter Hum

When super-GM Sergey Tiviakov arrived last week in Ottawa, the capital of Canada, he was surprised to see the country’s red maple leaf flags flapping away, attached to passing cars. “Is it a holiday?” he asked. In fact, he had missed by just a few days Canada Day, the July 1 celebration that attracts tens of thousands to the city’s downtown streets to display their nationalism.

Surprisingly, the seasoned world traveler GM Tiviakov was making his first trip to Canada – to play in the 2007 Canadian Open Chess Championship. He and 21 other grandmasters from more than a dozen countries lead the pack at the event, which by the time it concludes this weekend will certainly be regarded as a milestone in Canadian chess history. It has proven to be a more exclusive kind of celebration than Canada Day, but for more than 270 chessplayers – mostly from Canada but from as far away as Vietnam, Russia and Australia – the nine-day, one-section event with a $26,500 CAD prize fund has so far more than fulfilled their expectations.

GM Nigel Short, your tour guide

Arriving a day before GM Tiviakov was the first GM confirmed by the organizers, GM Nigel Short. He came from Athens with his daughter Kyveli, and before the competition began, they spent a few days sightseeing. Before we speak of the chess tournament, let’s allow GM Short to be your tour guide…

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