2 additional women players have fulfilled their GM norms requirement and will get their GM titles IF they can meet the 2500 rating requirement:

IM Hoang, Thanh Trang (Originally from Vietnam, now playing for Hungary) 2470
IM Zhukova, Nathalia (Ukraine) 2456

Women who earned their GM titles with 3 norms and 2500 rating

Polgar, S (WC)
Polgar, J
Cramling, P
Chen, Zhu (WC)
Stefanova, A (WC)
Koneru, H

Women who earned their titles with other methods

Gaprindashvili, N (WC)
Chiburdanidze, C (WC)
Xie, Jun (WC)
Kosteniuk, A
Peng, Z

The following women just earned their IM titles:

Lujan, Carolina (Argentina)
Atalik, Ekaterina (Turkey)
Ushenina, Anna (Ukraine)


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