Message sent to the FIDE President (Modernisation Working Commission):

Dear FIDE President,

The possible new formats already suggested for the Candidates

Tournament has some known issues.

For example: a double round robin tournament with 8 players has some drawbacks (unmotivated players in the last rounds, possible pre-arranged games, etc.) and a system with longer matches seems to be good (e.g. 6-6-8), but it has potencial organizational problems,
because it is necessary two events, at least, to cope with it.

I think, however, that there is a third possible format that can unite the two previous systems in a single event.

This new system should works as follow:

Stage One: Tournament
The 8 candidate players are subdivided in two tournament groups of 4 players, each playing 6 games (each group of 4 players playing a double round robin).

Stage Two: Candidates Final Match
The two winners from previous phase (one player of each group), play a final match of 8 games.

This system minimizes the problems related with the pure tournament system and mini-matches system, with the advantage that it can be done in a single event, since the total number of “classical” games will be 14 (6+8), with a few days separating the two stages.

Thank you.

All the best,

Prof. Kariston Pereira, Ph.D.
Santa Catarina State University
Joinville – Brazil

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