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Boy Scouts of America officially licenses book on chess strategy

Newton Highlands, MA, [April 8, 2016]— Scouting isn’t all about surviving in the wilderness. Since 2011, more than 100,000 Boy Scouts have earned Chess merit badges from the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). Now there is a new BSA officially licensed book about chess, Dr. Alexey Root’s Prepare With Chess Strategy.

Prepare With Chess Strategy helps beginner- to intermediate-level players learn the common elements of chess strategy, such as Force, Space, Time, and Pawn Structure. Scouts and other players can practice chess with the book’s exercises and test themselves with its end-of-chapter quizzes. Merit badge counselors, chess coaches, and teachers will find this book a valuable resource.

“While there are many resources for practicing chess tactics, my book teaches chess strategy,” notes Dr. Root, a senior lecturer at The University of Texas at Dallas and former U.S. Women’s chess champion. “By learning both tactics and strategy, you can progress as a chess player.” At the same time, with so many Boy Scouts interested in earning the Chess merit badge, there is a need for more merit badge counselors. “If you are not sure how to teach chess, my book will help you plan your chess instruction,” says Root. Prepare With Chess Strategy also connects chess with values important in Scouting and in life, such as being trustworthy and courteous. Root observes, “Chess can teach you how to be a good sport.”

Prepare With Chess Strategy may be purchased from major online booksellers. Dr. Root is available for interviews; contact her at <>.