The pressure was too much for Vishy: Parimarjan Negi
TNN | Nov 22, 2013, 05.17 AM IST

In Game 9, Vishy had the whole world on the edge of their seats, as he launched an incredible offensive that felt destined to succeed.

For a while now, it seemed obvious that his match strategy was not working, but today he showed a different persona, dominating Magnus for much of the game. But the World No. 1 had no interest in being bogged down into a defensive submission , and instead he launched an instant counterplay on the other side.

To the spectators, the World Champion seemed on the verge of a groundbreaking victory, but life was actually not as easy for Vishy as he had to choose from many attacking plans. In contrast Magnus had to find a series of only defensive responses, which can often be easier to accomplish.

The pressure brought on by his necessity to win this game couldn’t have helped Vishy’s nerves either, and the first signs of things not going as smoothly was when he lapsed into a 45 minute think on move 23. Vishy’s hand seemed to uncharacteristically hover over his pieces before he finally decided on his course of action – this display of the lack of confidence was enough to bolster an already resurgent Carlsen.

It is hard to say if objectively Vishy had a better try at this point – but the psychological advantage from choosing an option quicker might have turned the tide. On the other hand, Anand seemed to firmly believe that there was a win in the position – and then it made sense to delve as deeply as possible.

Unfortunately for him, Magnus found a cunning, and definitely surprising defensive resource, which probably put his long thought to waste. This was really the crucial shift in the match, as already under heavy pressure to win, Vishy required to urgently find a win that did not exist.

Then, as it can so often happen with a tired brain, Vishy saw a sudden exciting new idea. For a moment, he was so lost in his own labyrinth of calculations, that he failed to spot the most obvious of defences. And just like that, in a single moment of hallucination, the efforts from all those hours were nullified.

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