One game to play for Naroditsky and Harmon-Vellotti as both were tied for the lead heading into the final game. Both have black, Naroditsky against Perez, and Harmon-Vellotti against Xiong. They proceeded to play in complete opposite styles. Naroditsky was playing a more positional style, while Harmon-Vellotti went all out for complication.

At the end, in spite of a valiant effort, Harmon-Vellotti could only draw. But that was not the case for Naroditsky. He scored with black at the right time to become the 2013 US Junior Champion.

Samuel Sevian also won his final game to catch Harmon-Vellotti for 2nd place!

Congrats to Daniel Naroditsky for the another magnificent title, and to Luke Harmon-Vellotti and Samuel Sevian for their wonderful showing!

Final round results

1 IM Shen, Victor 4.5 2411 IM Troff, Kayden 4.5 2443 1-0
2 WFM Chiang, Sarah 0.5 2101 FM Sevian, Samuel 5.0 2390 0-1
3 FM Liou, Yian 3.5 2385 FM Shetty, Atulya 3.5 2320 1-0
4 Perez, Robert 4.0 2359 IM Naroditsky, Daniel 5.5 2494 0-1
5 FM Xiong, Jeffrey 3.5 2370 FM Harmon-Vellotti, Luke 5.5 2340 ½-½
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