Our friends from ChessToday.net have just pointed out something interesting. Here is the comment from GM Golubev:

New FIDE Ratings
by GM Mikhail Golubev

On the 30th December FIDE published new ratings. It is hard to believe, but Nanjing (Category 21) was not counted, while Elista (Category 19), which finished later, was counted.

The explanation from the yesterday’s FIDE article is: “His (Topalov’s) victory in the Pearl Springs tournament in Nanjing, China, which ended 22nd December, will be rated for April 2009, according to FIDE regulations.”

But who writes these terrible regulations, one may ask once again.

And why not have a rule say, that all events with the participation of the world’s top 10 players are counted as operatively as possible?

The top of the rating list now looks as follows (with the names of Nanjing participants in bold):

1. Topalov 2796
2. Anand 2791
3. Ivanchuk 2779
4. Carlsen 2776
5. Morozevich 2771
6. Radjabov 2761
7. Jakovenko 2760
8. Kramnik 2759
9. Leko 2751
10. Movsesian 2751
11. Aronian 2750


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