Namig Guliyev wins HSG Open

HSG Open 2012 was held on 22-24th June over the 6 rounds of swiss system at the Amrath Hotel Lapershoek in Hilversum, Netherlands. 58 players in Open A and 48 players in Open B competed.

Unlike the “regular practice”, the last round did not see quick draws between the leading players. GM Georgui Castaneda led a dangerous attack against GM Namig Guliyev, but Azeri succeeded in defence and earned a valuable draw despite the slight material deficit.

Top seeded GM Normunds Miezis had an apparently drawish rook endgame against FM Etienne Goudriaan, but the Ducth player erred and lost the game.

Finally, Grandmasters Guliyev, Miezis and Dgebuadze shared the first place with 5/6 points each. Guliyev was declared winner on best tie-break score. Full standings on the official website.

Group B was won by Ruben Piel, who collected 5.5/6.

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