This is what I have done and I highly advocate this. I hope the USCF and other state organizations will consider my suggestion.

– Have separate prizes for homeschooled teams. Do not restrict them. Let them form any team they want. Encourage more to participate and compete. It is so inexpensive to add a few more trophies and it can help so many children.

The #1 philosophy of the Susan Polgar Foundation is: “The welfare of the children ALWAYS comes first!”

I also encourage organizers to have additional prizes such as top sibling teams and top family teams. So what if they are in different grades or different sections. The idea is to encourage more family involvement and more support for chess. We need to think outside of the box.

I have done what I suggested above in all events by the Susan Polgar Foundation and it is a big success. I hope you will consider it.

Good luck!
Susan Polgar

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