My friend Dr. Alexey Root just sent me an email about an article she read on Mothering magazine about chess and children. I am still searching for that article online (November-December issue, “Chess is child’s play” on pages 68-71)

In the mean time, I found a bunch of write ups about chess and kids in this magazines. Here are just some of them:

1. Mothering Magazine Familes and the Environment
bring the family together, consider: *Chess ($50), checkers ($50), dominoes ($17) or Nine Man s … com ) *Nappi Balata Crafts chess set with natural latex pieces ($220) www.

2. Mothering Magazine Article: Fostering Childrens Unique Intelligence
that he was the chess champion of the migrant camp. I went … play a game of chess with him, but only on these conditions … I was a beginning chess player and Jerome was an expert,…

3. Parenting A Highly Sensitive Child
Pete is extremely good at chess for a child his age. His chess teacher was so impressed that he gave Pete a book on chess strategies and encouraged him to enter tournaments…

4. Mothering Magazine Family Astrology Child Profiles Virgo
affairs, whether it’s straightening up the bedroom or playing chess. Scientific and methodical, the Virgo child is likely to be drawn to more involved projects such as plotting

5. Mothering Magazine Family Astrology Inlaw Profiles Aries
better start polishing up your gaming skills, whether it’s chess, a game of tennis, or some spirited touch football. These folks love a challenge, and you’d better be able to

6. Mothering Magazine Family Astrology Teen Profiles Gemini
next. Games will capture the Gemini boy’s imagination, be it chess, Trivial Pursuit, or the latest computer game. Opponents should be advised that this lad is good! Charmer that he

7. Mothering Magazine Family Astrology Teen Profiles Virgo
young man thrives on things which stimulate the mind, like chess and advanced Calculus. The tradeoff here is little time (or energy) for physical endeavors. All of that mental

8. Mothering Magazine Article: Making Math Fun
pieces around a board, plot battleship strategies, play cribbage, chess, and mancala. Saturday nights after dinner are good times for card games: UNO, war games, crazy eights,
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