Lyon, Thursday 3rd of July 2008

Press release Alice and the chess master : the adventure goes on !

The team of Alice and the chess master catched by English-speaking people!

With the help of Europe Echecs and its technologies for broadcasting of chess events and the Lyon Olympic Chess team and knowledge, and the decisive venue of Anatoly KARPOV in Lyon, the first « Circuit Espoirs Europe Echecs » got in 6 days, more than 1 million of visitors.

But problem … !

Some English-speaking people, among them one of the most important website in the world, asked us information about the mysterious chess game of Lewis CARROLL from the tale Through the looking glass and what Alice found there following of Alice’s adventures in Wonderland.

Indeed they have understood that the mysterious and secret meeting with Anatoly KARPOV of June 26th in the town of Lyon was in the painter Max SCHOENDORFF’s flat.

Max is the chairman of URDLA too. (

Christophe LEROY (bewitched) could thus expose his thought …

Marcel DUCHAMP, François LE LIONNAIS, Lewis CARROLL and his mysterious chessgame, the giant chessboard of mirrors in Domaine de Lacroix-Laval (near Lyon, France), Europe Echecs, the regretted Gérard LABOUR and his actions in hospitals, Henri RINCK the famous problemist from Lyon, philately and magnets collections, articles on Fischer from 1972, are some topics which were recalled with Anatoly KARPOV with a final dedications session : books of M. SCHOENDORFF, books of A. KARPOV and book Alice and the chessmaster of C. LEROY.

M. SCHOENDORFF and A. KARPOV spoke about links between subjects like literature, art, chess, painting, style of play, etc.

C. LEROY explained the most interesting points of Lewis CARROLL’s mysterious chessgame to A. KARPOV, with B. KOUATLY translating from French to English. Christophe offered personalized stamps of Alice to Anatoly, and more other collection pieces.

This meeting in photos here:
Photos de la soirée carrollienne (1)
Photos de la soirée carrollienne (2)

It is true that looking at these photos it is frustrating as an English-speaking not to have information in English!

Therefore following numerous requests Sylvain RAVOT and Antoine CHAMBA worked hard to translate for you the summarized version of this unpublished literary discovery:

English version:
French version:

Much more information can be found on the website: and some of them, here too, were translated for you!

Do not hesitate to contact us to bring us your new contributions!
Contact England Alice and the chess master: Sylvain RAVOT
Contact France Alice et le maître d’échecs : Christophe LEROY, 3, rue de l’Angile à Lyon 5ème.
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