A big fight with the same score
Friday, 13 May 2011
Semi-finalists proceeded to conclude draws.

Semi-finalists proceeded to conclude draws within the Day 2 of the semi-finals of the Candidates Matches 2011 in Kazan, though the picture of the games turned very different from Round 1, which had deserved much critics and even complaints. This time it was exciting to watch the fight till the very end. Players with white Kramnik and Gelfand dictated tempo, taking initiative in their hands. As a result, they managed to gain a very strong positional advantage. At a certain moment, it was almost clear that blacks, Grischuk and Kamsky, might not survive. In an extremely difficult position, they had had serious problem with time, too. Either technical level had been not good enough or heroic defence had outweighted, – the answer will be given in analyses later, – however both games ended in a draw. So, the fight for final is still completely open.

Playing black with Topalov, Kamsky had chosen Gruenfeld, and he continued with this Opening against Gelfand too. It was unlikely the best idea. Israeli GM got very soon clear better and the blacks was pushed in very hard position, having all the pieces out of the job on the outskirts of the board. But the way to win was not so simple. Gelfand was not in a hurry, but in the decisive moment, he seemed to be too fast. Having less than a minute per move for the last moves before the time control, Kamsky grabbed his chance and after 40 moves, he almost equalised positions.

The game Kramnik – Grischuk turned to be not really a copy, though very much alike. Ex-world champion almost outplayed his opponent but Grischuk once more proved him to be a master of defence. Experts in live commentaries already buried the black, while the black started to breath. As a result, Grischuk solved his skin, too.

After time control, the whites hardly tried to get something, playing two hours, but the chances to win had been lost. Blacks had not an easy work to defend, but they did their job almost perfectly, without a mistake.

After two games in both matches score is 1:1.

Round 3 will be played tomorrow, on 14 May, 2011. The games are scheduled to start at 03.00 p.m. local time.


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