Fischer’s heirs to seek out-of-court settlement
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The counsel of Bobby Fischer’s Filipino daughter will first seek an out-of-court settlement with the late chess icon’s Japanese wife in the child’s attempt to claim her father’s estate in Iceland.

According to The Chess Plaza Weekender, lawyers Samuel Estimo and Rudy Tacorda, who represent Jinky Young, said they had already compiled and evaluated documentary and other pieces of evidence to support the claim of the seven-year-old daughter.

It is also assumed that their evidence would include DNA samples from Jinky to establish her affinity to Fischer.

Estimo also said he and GM Eugene Torre, one of the late chess icon’s closest friends, “are trying to get in touch with Miyoko Watai for a possible out-of-court settlement.”

Watai, a Japanese chess official, married Fischer during his stay in Japan where he was arrested and detained for deportation to the United States in July 2004.

Watai reportedly arranged for Fischer’s burial in a countryside churchyard in Reykjavik last month. Apparently, the Icelandic authorities recognized her claim to being the wife of Fischer after she reportedly presented a marriage certificate.

Estiimo said Fischer’s brother-in-law and nephews “can’t get anything under the doctrine of exclusion, they not being compulsory heirs.”

Estimo also said that he was “just waiting for one more document from Marilyn Young before we formalize our claim.”

Marilyn, Fischer’s Filipina girlfriend from Davao, has produced the birth and baptismal certificates of Jinky, who was born on May 21, 2001 in Baguio City.

Marilyn also turned over to Estimo Jinky’s passport, her photographs with Fischer and Jinky with signed notes, and the latest bank remittance by Fischer of 1,500 euros to Jinky on Dec. 4, 2007.

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