During the transportation of the players and journalists of the Candidates Matches from the airport, a local child unexpectedly runs to the road. In order to avoid a serious accident the drivers of the buses had to apply a forced breaking which however pushed some of the passengers forward and they got some injuries.

After careful medical examinations they were released from the medical control as their injuries were not serious and did not require further treatment.

Dr. Peter Rajcsanyi
Press Officer Candidates Matches for the 2007 World Chess Championship tournament

Source: globalchess.eu

The following came from Magnus Carlsen’s father:

The incident with the bus was unfortunate but everything seems to have worked out OK.

One thing that troubled me was that the bus seemed to continue at an unexpected high speed in spite of the driver pulling the breaks. We seemed to float like on a wet road.

When inspecting the break marks on the road, I found a 10 meter break mark behind the right hand front wheel, but only a 5 meter mark behind the front left wheel and none behind the back wheels (which I thought normally takes most of the break power).

The tires also seemed quite worn out . Old tires combined with uneven or missing break power obviously did not contribute positively in a dangerous situation.

Regarding the net-meeting at Nettavisen today; It was a short one due to anunstable internet connection, and Magnus also had to reconnect to the net-meeting for every response he made.


This was reported by Rob and his sites are http://www.rob-vlaardingerbroek.nl and http://rob-vlaardingerbroek.blogspot.com

Here is the report by chessdom.com
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