Mikhail Tal Memorial Rapid Event in Jurmala

The Mikhail Tal Foundation and its director Zhanna Tal have the pleasure to announce the Tal Memorial Rapid Event held in association with Media Company “Forma Pro” (Board Chairman Igor Pronin), the Latvian Chess Federation, and Grandmaster Alexei Shirov.

The Tal Memorial will be held at the Amber Beach Resort in Jaunkemeri (Jurmala), Latvia, from 15th February (arrival) to 20th February (departure), 2012.

The Memorial will include the following tournaments:

Tournament A

Feb. 16-17 (qualifier) and Feb. 18-19 (final). The final will feature 8 players – four Super Grandmasters by invitation and the top four from the qualifier. As of now there are three confirmed Super GMs: Alexander Morozevich (Russia), Shakhriyar Mamedyarov (Azerbaijan) and Alexei Shirov who as of Jan 1, 2012 will be representing Latvia.

If the number of Super GMs is less than four then the number of players advancing from the preliminary rounds will be increased. The time control is 15 minutes plus 6 seconds per move.

Prizes for the final are: 1st: €1200, 2nd: €700, 3rd: €500, 4th: €350, 5th: €300, 6th: €250 7th €200, 8th €150, for the total of €3650.

The preliminary tournament (9 rounds; Swiss system; time control 15 minutes plus 6 seconds per move) is open to all who pay the entry fee. Entry fees are also payable in Euros.

With a rating
below 1951: 30 Lats (€43)
1951-2100: 25 Lats (€36)
2101-2200: 20 Lats (€29)
2201-2250: 15 Lats (€21)
2251 and up: 10 Lats (€14)

Women and players under age 18 or over age 55 pay 70% of the regular entry fee. Players rated 2500 and up (2300 and up for women), GMs, and IMs over age 55 play for free.

The preliminary tournament is expected to feature 12 high level Grandmasters. As of now, former Latvian player and 2011 World Cup participant Daniel Fridman (Germany), the known theoretician and Mikhail Tal’s contemporary Evgeny Sveshnikov (Latvia), as well as grandmasters Michal Krasenkov (Poland), Sarunas Sulskis (Lithuania), Normunds Miezis have confirmed his participation.

The prizes for the preliminary tournament are: 1th: €700, 2nd: €500, 3rd: €400, 4th: €350 5th: €300, 6th: €250, 7th: €200, 8th: €150, 9th: €120, 10th: €100, 11th: €80.

Special prizes by nomination include: best result for women, juniors born no later than 2002, and players rated below 2250: €50 for each category. There are also two prizes for players rated 2251-2500: 1th: €60, 2nd: €40.

Prizes are not divided, each player can only receive one prize. The total prize fund for the preliminary tournament is €3400.

Tournament B is reserved for players rated below 2251. Games will be played Feb. 16-17. Time control is 15 minutes plus 6 seconds per move; Swiss system; 9 rounds. The prize fund will be 80% of all entry fees. The entry fee is 10 Lats. Women and players over age 55 pay 7 Lats.

All players registering after February 12 pay an additional late registration fee of 5 Lats.

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