Published January 19, 2009 06:23 pm
By Eric Morrow (Special thanks to Mr. Morrow for sharing it with us)

Chess: Michelle has Barack on a string

Obama, B. vs. Obama, M.

By now you have likely seen on television and in print that both Barack Obama and his wife Michelle are chess players. Michelle, for example, grew up playing chess with her brother. published a recent game between Barack and Michelle. This week’s position is from that game. Barack is white; Michelle, black. Barack is poised to promote his pawn on h7 and win. Michelle, however, sees that she can maintain marital harmony with a draw by repetition. How does black draw by repetition?

Black begins by moving her knight from h2 to f3, checking white. If the king moves to h1, black mates by moving her rook to h2.

The white king must therefore to f1. The knight then jumps back to h2, checking white. Moving the white king back to g1 simply repeats moves. The king thus steps over to e1. After the knight jumps back to f3, checking white, the king is forced again to f1. And so the king dances to the knight checks ad infinitum.

The lesson is here is that Michelle has Barack on a string.


Who would win the chess game in the Obama family? Michelle or Barack? Click here to vote.

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