Message from GM Dusan Popovic
Following the recovery after surgery in Moscow

Dear, good people, chess players, friends,

There is no media or space through which me and my family could adequately express our gratitude for selfless help you offered so I could overcome sudden illness.

It is very difficult, even impossible, to single out any one in particular in situation when assistance arrived from so many people, individuals, companies, chess associations… when chess players from all over the world – from a world champion to an ordinary person fond of chess – demonstrated such sincere solidarity and support, and in the most human form proved the truthfulness of a motto of all chess players in the word “We are one family” (Gens una sumus), when that is done by people of a kind heart unknown to us, there is really not one word, sentence, book… to describe the value of that assistance and its significance for me and my family.

Thank you for enabling me to play chess again, to travel without trouble again, and to have normal life again!

Dusan Popovic, Grandmaster and
Popovic family

GM Dušan Popović had a surgery in Moscow

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