Michael Adams beats Humpy

NEW DELHI: Top-seeded Englishman Michael Adams defeated Koneru Humpy in the second round of the Ruy Lopez Masters chess tournament at Merida, Spain, on Sunday.

China’s Zhang Pengxiang defeated Italy’s Fabiano Caruana to lead with two points.

The scores (second round): Michael Adams (Eng, 1.5) bt K. Humpy (0.5); Julio Granda Zuniga (Per, 1) drew with Manuel Perez Candelario (Esp, 0.5); Fabiano Caruana (Ita, 1) lost to Zhang Pengxiang (Chn, 2); Gabriel Sargissian (Arm, 1) drew with Hou Yifan (Chn, 0.5).

First round: Humpy drew with Sargissian; Pengxiang bt Candelario; Adams drew with Zuniga; Yifan lost to Caruana.

Source: Hindu.com

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