Match Navara – Láznička in Novy Bor

1-7th August at the art restaurant Ajeto in Novy Bor

The match between the Czech Republic top players David Navara and Viktor Laznicka is set to take place on 1-7th August at the art restaurant Ajeto in Novy Bor. Six games with the long time control (90 min/40 moves +30 min +30 sec increment) will be played.

The games will take place in a circular room in Ajeto and the viewers will be able to watch the battle from the comfort of the restaurant, which is separated by a round glass wall from the “arena”. Grandmaster Marek Vokáč along with many other guests will provide live commentary in the separate room.

Restaurant Ajeto in Novy Bor

David Navara was three times champion of the Czech Republic (2004, 2005 and 2010) and Viktor Láznička has a gold medal from Brno 2006. Mutual statistics in over the board meetings show a favorable balance of +1 = 4 for Láznička.

David Navara (26 years) is for many years the best chess player of the Czech Republic. He regularly represents the country in the Chess Olympiads and international tournaments. His highest world rank was thirteenth place (from 1 January to 30 June 2007), is now he is at the 39th place (ELO 2702).

Currently the second player of Czech Republic, Láznička Viktor, was born on 9th January 1988 in Pardubice. In 2008 he won the very strong Calcutta Open in India and in the same year took the second place in the European Union Championships in Liverpool, England.

In 2010 came a series of successful performances. In Philadelphia he became the outright winner of the World Chess Open tournament. His great form was confirmed in Paks, Hungary, where he masterfully won the Marx Gyorgy Memorial. Most recently he played at the prestigious AAI Grandmaster Tournament in India where he finished second behind Fabiano Caruana.

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