Masters of Technique
Mark Coggins
Award-winning author of five novels
Posted: June 9, 2010 11:29 AM

As part of a project to raise money for chess schools and clubs, independent publisher Mongoose Press has just released an anthology of chess fiction entitled, Masters of Technique. All the short stories in Masters were donated, editor Howard Goldowsky contributed his time and Mongoose intends to recoup only the costs of publishing and distribution; net profits will go to selected schools and clubs.

Don’t think you would be greatly interested in stories about chess? Well, you might be surprised.

The lineup of authors is excellent, including bestsellers like Stephen Carter (The Emperor of Ocean Park) and Katherine Neville (The Eight), and literary lights such as Wells Tower–who was recently selected by The New Yorker for their “20 under 40” list–and Paul Eggers, whose short fiction has garnered an NEA grant and a Peden Prize, among others. (Full disclosure: I also contributed a story, which does drag down the literary wattage a tad.)

Here is the full article.

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